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“Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.”

The Situation
The situation

One of the most important issues we face as farmers? Nitrogen leaching from farmland…

And while a lot of work has been put into mitigating N’s effects in various ways, the urine patch is the biggest problem. It’s responsible for up to 90% of N leaching – yet until now there’s been no adequate way to control it.

The single most important thing we as an industry can do to reduce N leaching, is to focus on the urine patch.

The Urine Patch

The animal is often seen as the problem in N leaching, and rule changes at regional council level may necessitate a cap on herd numbers in certain catchments. This, as we know, may be uneconomic. The problem is that urine contains surplus N unable to be utilised by plants, so it is lost through leaching – and up to 90% of the N reaching groundwater originates from the urine patch.

Now, thanks to a unique marriage of science and nature, there’s a solution that revolutionises N management, benefitting both the environment and your production. Nitrogen management with the power of 4.

A Collaboration

With the goal of developing a forage-based product to reduce N leaching from livestock, together we’ve developed the NSentinel 4™ system.